Bringing the Hibachi back. 

Bringing the Hibachi back. 

Flying Fille.

Flying Fille.

Philippine Super Liga Schedule for July 10-14.

Philippine Super Liga Schedule for July 10-14.

Team Pictures from Super Liga’s Opening Day by me. :) 

Get to know some of the ladies from the Philippine Super Liga

"this happens too frequently, you’ve decided" - slobbering (x) 

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UEFA U21 Championship on Solar Sports!

Watch the games live on Solar Sports!


They say he came out of the “BLUE”. But he left in a “RING OF FIRE”. Well done Carra.

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Sayonara Itsuka

“To live is to prepare for goodbye
For loneliness is a friend,
who will not betray.

Shiver not in the pouring love,
instead buy an umbrella
Believe not in happiness,
even in the passions of love…

Confess not your love,
even if you would die for it.
For love is like a season
It comes and goes to decorate life’s boredom
The moment you call it Love,
it melts away, an ice sculpture…

Goodbye, Someday.
Happiness lasts not forever
As Despair lasts not forever.
Some days, there is Goodbye
some days, there is Hello.

At death,
some look back on being loved
While some look back on having loved…
I’ll definitely look back on having loved…”